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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is human geography?

The Greek roots of the word geography literally mean geo ‘the world’ and graphei ‘to write’ so geography is focused on writing about the world. Geography encompasses two forms of writing about the world — physical geography and human geography.

The emphasis in human geography is on writing about humans in the world in the sense of where they are, how they interact with landscapes and spaces, what kinds of landscapes they create, what meanings they attribute to various spaces, places, and landscapes, and so on.

At Athabasca University the human geography courses include: GEOG 200, GEOG 201, GEOG 302 and GEOG 311. All other geography courses listed in the AU calendar are physical geography courses.

2. Is this a science or social science?

At Athabasca University you receive a social science credit for human geography courses.

3. Who do I contact about human geography courses?

Contact the Human Geography Coordinator, Dr. Joshua Evans,

4. Who do I contact about physical geography and geology courses?

Contact Dr. Frédérique Pivot at

Updated February 12 2016 by Student & Academic Services

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