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Maps are valuable tools that are often used and referred to when one does work in human geography. Maps provide students and human geographers with a wide variety of information (e.g., demographic information, political boundaries, physical and environmental characteristics of a landscape, economic zones, and so forth). It is very important that you use maps within your assignments and understand how to read maps as part of your exploration of geography. The following sites offer access to maps and information about maps that will be useful to you. Note that the following list is not comprehensive, therefore, you are encouraged to search for other useful map links and online resources. As well, don’t forget to properly reference any maps when you include them in your academic work.

AU Digital Reference Centre

Aboriginal Mapping Network

Maps, Plans and Charts - Online Help (Collections Canada)

The Atlas of Canada Website (Natural Resources Canada)

Geography and Map Reading Room (U.S. Library of Congress)

Geological Survey of Canada

Geoscience Data Repository (Natural Resources Canada)

Google Earth

Maps on the Web (Arthur Lakes Library, Colorado School of Mines)

Online Maps and Atlases (Academic Info)

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (University of Texas )

UN Cartographic Section

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